Strasbourg / January 2021

August 11, 2021 • Photos

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  1. Paul August 13, 2021

    Ah finally 🙂

    I like the blend of sad or maybe pensive images and the joyful snow scenes. Although even those seem a bit subdued. I remember we had some snow in January as well and the few hills here were absolutely packed with families and kids shouting and laughing (and not wearing any masks which was a nice touch).

    The book “women are beautiful”, do you have more details about it? I am curious.

    1. Matteo Pezzi August 13, 2021

      Yeah it was still in January with full restrictions going on, probably the only day where I saw some interaction among people although mostly children, mainly unmasked thanks god.
      The book is from Garry Winogrand and for me it’s a fantastic book. Unfortunately it was a limited print run, so it’s quite expensive nowadays. I managed to snatch a copy for around 250e on ebay last year, which was the lowest I’ve ever seen it. On there’s one for 135€ shipped now without the cover, and I doubt you’ll ever find one cheaper if you wanna buy it.
      Online somewhere there’s someone who uploaded it in pdf, can’t find it right now but should be there

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