“ROCCO” European Launch in Faro

February 21, 2019 • news, Photos

I apologize for not writing about ROCCO’s vernissage until now but in the last few months I’ve been busy revolutionizing my life and things have gotten out of hand, to the point that now, following Love & Money, I live in Strasbourg, work as an IT technician in a bank, and after years of laundromat I own a Washing Machine (yes).

But this is another Story and I’ll save it for another time, here I wanna just tell you about that time I went to Portugal to the vernissage of a book for which I took the pictures, wearing a fish & flowers shirt.

I took a few days off, got off the plane, had breakfast with a cheese and ham sandwich + beer, met a 75 years old (former) stranger from Brighton who came to Faro just to tell me how much he enjoyed my Fuji X100F review, wore my shirt, attended the vernissage, and missed the plane to go to Italy a few days.

Good times.


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