Paris in white

March 2, 2018 • Photos

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  1. jarrett November 24, 2018

    These are great. I shot professionally on an inherited m3,m6 and a fuji GSW 6×9 but stopped bringing my camera(s) everyday to life with me. Felt the itch about 6 years later when the first x100 came out and rented one for my sisters wedding. hated it, didn’t even make it through the wedding. Tried a x00f last week (3-4 years later) and I’m certainly on my way to purchasing camera. this is the best review I’ve ever read and in many ways i feel the same. thanks!

    1. Matteo Pezzi December 2, 2018

      Thank you Jarrett! Sorry about the late reply but I’m in the middle of a city/job change so a bit busy as you can imagine! Have fun with the F and thanks for the kind words 🙂

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