Rocco – foto libro con Hanspeter Ammann – disponibile

18 Febbraio, 2019 • News

Rocco, il fotolibro per cui ho lavorato in Malesia a marzo con Hanspeter Ammann, è finalmente disponibile.

Compralo a 20€ più spese di spedizione dal sito di Hanspeter.

Oltre a scattare quasi tutte le foto presenti nel libro, ho scritto anche un breve testo che puoi trovare qui sotto. (mi diverto sempre a scrivere)

Grazie mille ancora ad Hans per avermi scelto e a tutti gli altri della squadra, i modelli Odin, Raj, Soma, e il manager di produzione Lee.

Ecco il testo:

Weird things can happen in Paris if you think about it…
January, freezing cold, almost broke: here comes Hanspeter, talking about flying me to Penang, Malaysia.
Why not?
I’m tired of this cold peeling the skin off my hands, plus, not much to do here a part worrying right now… Rent, bills…
Hanspeter is serious.
We met a few years ago in Ravenna, my home town in Italy, and we became friends. He’s now in Paris to buy a fine-art print from me, and doing a trip down memory lane.
He used to live here when he was my age and knows what it means. No need to explain, right? Right.
He worked his ass off and my impression is that he’s enjoying showing a young artist that, indeed, it’s possible, you can do it, beat the odds and come back a winner, tipping big and pretending not to speak French when a snob French waiter pretends not to understand your accent (fuck them).
But we’re degressing I guess…
Anyway: Hanspeter Ammann walks the talk and knows what’s good for you, sometimes even what’s best.
So, fast-forward to march, I took off in my winter coat at Charles de Gaulle airport, and landed in flip-flops in Penang (my first time in Asia, by the way).
The rest of the story is in this book.
It was our first time working together and there were some question marks in the beginning… But it’s good, it’s what you need (at least, what I need) to function properly — along with a massive amount of sugarcane juice to fight the heat.
We spent the first day testing this and that, discussing soul and technique, and deciding what to do and even how and when.
We were prepared for long sessions, in the end we never shot for more than 3 hours.
Things went so smoothly that, if we really wanna find a problem, it was that we had too many pictures to choose from (which makes perfectly sense given the title of the project*).
Hope you enjoy browsing this book as much as I enjoyed working on it: it was a pleasure.

Paris, 24/4/2018

*Il titolo originale previsto per il libro era PLENTY.

Ora, qualche foto dal libro.

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