How to export annotations on Kobo Aura

January 22, 2018 • miscellaneous

I bought my first e-reader in 2013, it was a glorious Sony Prs-T2. After 2 very intense years of reading it died, so I replaced it with a Kobo Aura (the original model).

I love it, at the moment the reading stats show 145 books finished and 1238 hours read (in 30 months), and it’s still going strong.

It does everything I want to, and I’m happy because I don’t want a Kindle for a whole set of ethical and functional reasons.

The only thing that annoyed me a bit was the annotations feature. Ok, it’s still way better than the Sony’s one, but since I underline a lot I found the impossibility of transferring the annotations on my computer quite frustrating (just browsing annotations from the Aura is too slow, and I want them saved and backupped on my pc/evernote anyway).

I had found a few blog posts like this one on the web, but I’m not a computer geek and I couldn’t exactly figure out what I needed to do… So I asked my personal guru, Roberto “Kalamun” Pasini, to find a foolproof solution, and here it is.

(He has an older Kobo mini and it works on it as well, it should work fine on every Kobo but I’ve actually tried only on my Kobo Aura and his Kobo mini)

Here are the instructions, something I wish I had when I bought my Kobo!

  1. Download this folder (Google drive link) on your computer
  2. Connect your Kobo, enter the “.Kobo” folder inside it and copy the “KoboReader.sqlite” file in the “Kobo” folder from step 1
  3. Open the “Kobo” folder, double click on the “work” file and… voilà! A .doc file (named “Annotations”) will appear, and it contains all the annotations in your Kobo, ready to be copied and pasted wherever you want.
    They include the book title, and so on, if you wanna remove these…
  4. Download Notepad++ (it’s free)
  5. Right click on “Annotations” >> Edit with Notepad++
  6. Click CTRL+H
  7. Set everything as the following screenshot, and click “Replace all”. You’re done!

– Matteo Pezzi

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4 commenti a “How to export annotations on Kobo Aura”

  1. Dall April 26, 2018

    Nice, it worked exactly has described!

    As I was struggling with extracting kobo annotations for a while and couldn’t find any viable solution so far, your post has been super helpful to me. Many thanks!

    1. matteopezzi April 26, 2018

      Thank you Dall!
      It’s been a game-changer for me… Saved me so much time!

  2. robiroboter May 25, 2018

    What a cool and simple way to read the highlights 😯 Oh man, you’ve just saved my EACH AND EVERY day 😀 😀 😀 Thx a lot.

    1. matteopezzi May 25, 2018

      You’re welcome! I think it’s the smallest action that saved the most time in my life!! 🙂

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