Your wedding is a unique experience, and you’re gonna love every part of it:

  1. the anticipation of the months before
  2. the big day itself
  3. the homecoming after the honeymoon, when you touch the ring and realise that, yes, it’s true, and you’ll want to relive it

I am the person who helps you with phase 3, when you look back at the pictures, with a touch of Nostalgia.

I am the witness of your day.
I record the day as it unfolds, capturing emotions and moments in the most descreet and elegant way.


I wouldn’t have my pictures taken in such an intimate moment by someone I know nothing about.
My name is Matteo Pezzi, and I was born in Ravenna, the former capital of the byzantine empire, known for its beautiful mosaics. I moved to Paris in 2016.

My journey with photography started by chance, when I bought my first reflex.
Day by day, recording what happened around me, I became “the guy who takes pictures”, silent witness of mine and my friends’ life.
In that period I learnt the importance of paying attentions to small moments and of being there, camera at hand.
I didn’t speak much, but I took a lot of pictures.

I started taking the game more seriously, tried many differents approaches, but after a few years I realised that I had already understood the important thing from the beginning:

Pictures are our insurance on memories.

I put myself on the line for photography, giving a lot and receiving even more:

  • I became an entrepreneur in Italy, paying my dues with the classical underpaid jobs we all begin with, never stopping learning, studying, shooting
  • photography pushed me, when I was 24, to move to Paris, looking for something that’s still unclear to me, but that I’ll keep on seeking. I worked at McDonald’s to learn French, then did my time as an assistant in a big fashion/advertising studio, and in 2017 I went on my own, again

I shoot both for work and for myself.
Photographers who only shoot when the client calls lose sight of the reason they began photographing for in the first place, and it shows in their pictures: I don’t wanna end up like that.

If you wanna know something more about me please click here, since I’m digressing and this page should be dedicated entirely to your wedding.


I shoot for the whole day, you won’t see me at 10pm checking nervously my watch while packing my lenses.

What I care about is documenting the event from start to finish in all its details and moments, giving you real memories.
I’m not married myself, but I’ve seen more weddings than the most of the people and I understand the care and effort that go into the planning. It’s the same dedication I put in giving you the reportage you deserve.

Technically speaking, most of the photographers out there are good enough: that’s only the base, though.
After that, there’s the thing that really matters and on which you should base your choice on: some call it sensitivity, others instinct, emphaty, whatever…

I’d rather give you a real world example.
The difference between a just-technically-decent photographer and a Good Photographer is like the one between someone who flips burgers at McDonald’s (believe me, I know what I’m talking about), and a real chef: they both prepare an edible meal, but my guess is not many would call the burger guy for their wedding catering.
Some though call a former McDonald’s guy to take pictures of their wedding: the world is a fantastic place sometimes.

I mainly shoot in a documentary style, staying as low-profile as I can, just recording what happens as it happens.
It’s a style I love, as street and reportage photography is one of my biggest passions.
But my other passion is taking portraits, so I’m up for posed shots as well.
And I’m not the photographer who’s gonna refuse the classic “please smile and look in the camera” picture that your grandma wants on her bedside table just because it’s not “documentary”.

I’m just the witness of what happens, and what happens is for you and you only to decide.
What you can bet on, is that you’ll find me somewhere around you recording it.

Here you can see some weddings that I shot.


Write me at [email protected] or call me — +33(6)59650633 — to verify my availability for your special date and for any other question.

If I’m available, the date is officialy booked with the deposit payment and the signing of the contract.
I’d like of course to have a chat before that, I want you to be really sure that I’m the right photographer for you.

The more details I know about the wedding, the better: If you want to me to have a chat with the wedding planner, I’m all for it.


2000€ + travel expenses*.
Price includes the delivery of high-resolution images in colours, plus a selection in black and white.

Extra 1
Pre-wedding portraits, 250€

Extra 2
Fine Art prints (made by the Paris lab Processus) of your favourite pictures, at cost price + shipping/taxes:

  • 50€/print in 20x30cm size, on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325g paper
  • 200€/print in 60x90cm, on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325g paper

Discount 1
I offer you a 10% discount for your next shooting/fine art print purchase if a friend of yours books a shooting or buys a print for me after your recommendation.

Discount 2
I love black and white photography. If you love it too, and can make do without colour pictures, the price drops to 1400€ + travel expenses.

*Travel expenses
I live in Paris, but I work everywhere.
I move by train or plane depending on the destination.
I don’t own a car but I have a driving license, so I can either rent a car on location, or I can hop on the car of some guest/relative you trust.
The latter is my favourite option because it allows me to shoot the whole wedding minimizing the risk of issues with parking and so on, but I have no problem in driving of course (in fact I do it in most of the weddings).


I dress according to the wedding’s style, which means according to what you ask for.
Without any particular recommendation I’ll come with a suit and tie, but I shot a very informal wedding where the couple told me to come without a jacket and without a tie, another where the bride asked me whether I could wear a gold tie because that was the official colour of the wedding… No  problem.

We are in the 21st century, but unfortunately I still have to specify that: I have no problems with weddings of any faith, colour, sex. I know some photographers do… Well, I don’t.

I don’t shoot more than one wedding per weekend, for both professional and logistical reasons: if on saturday I shoot for 14 hours in a raw, it’s impossible that on sunday, after 4 hours of sleep and with barely the time of backing up the pics and charging the bacteries, I am in full shape. Some say they are: they’re lying.

I am a professional photographer, in words and deeds: all the prices include invoicing, and I pay my taxes.

Last thing: most photographers, including me, love spending hours (days, sometimes) talking about gear.
Clients are normally a bit colder on the topic, but for those who are interested, this is my base gear for 2018: (2x) Canon 6d, Sigma 24-105mm f/4 Art, Canon Ef 85mm f/1.2 L USM II, Canon EF 200mm f/2.8 L USM II, Fuji X100F.