Nowadays everyone can have a decent, good enough portrait: a smartphone is perfectly fine for that.
What I propose here is a Good Portrait, period.
A portrait you look at with Nostalgia, a portrait that will make you say: “This is me.”

Back in the days, aristocrats often had their portraits taken: I want to bring back to life this classic habit, but I want it to be for everyone.
I make portraits for posterity.
I’m specialised in taking pictures of people who have never had their pictures taken: one of the biggest satisfactions my job gives me is when the subject tells me “Already finished? Wow, I even had fun.”
It takes much more courage to be in front of a camera than behind, and those who do that deserve all I can give.

No awkward poses, no shouting, no stiffness: I work in a very relaxed atmosphere and help you bring out your real self.


I love shooting people — wait, it doesn’t sound very nice like this.
I love taking pictures of people. Better? Yep.
Anyway. When I started out in photography I mainly shot landscapes, even though I was quite bad at it, and to be onest I didn’t give a shit.

But I was afraid of taking portraits: maybe it’s because I’ve always been shy and stiff in front of a camera, I stupidly assumed that other people were the same.

Then I discoverd that my fear was, as always, a clear signal of the right thing to do: as a rule, I think we should always follow what we fear most if we want to grow.
I slowly began taking pictures of people, until it became an obsession and, to my amazement, people were actually asking me to! Wow.


I know damn well what being scared in front of a camera means, that’s why my approach can be summed up like this: total respect.
All I care about is giving you the atmoshpere you need to show your personality.
I’m not a models, actors, athlets photographer.
I take portraits. Of everyone.

Where and how it’s up to you, or we’ll discuss it together if you have no ideas.

I have no problems in shooting outside, at your place, in a studio…
I have experience pretty much everywhere, and I think that these are secondary details anyway.
What really matters is that you recognise yourself in the pictures. Period.

A Portrait might just mean coming at yours, or coming with you wherever you want, and taking pictures of you as you live your life: it’s actually what I do everyday with my friends, and I’m pretty good at it.

Of course I take also family portraits.

Here you can see some of my portraits.


If you’re an entrepreneur, I take pictures for your business.

My method is: while I study everything I can find online about you, you send me a brief of what you would like to communicate to the world about yourself.
I’ll send you some proposals of where and how we could take the pictures, and then we’ll discuss it together.


100€/h of shooting + travel expenses.

I offer you a 10% discount for your next shooting/fine art print purchase if a friend of yours books a shooting or buys a print for me after your recommendation.

Fine Art prints (made by the Paris lab Processus) of your favourite pictures, at cost price + shipping/taxes:

  • 50€/print in 20x30cm size, on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325g paper
  • 200€/print in 60x90cm, on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325g paper

Contact me at [email protected] or +33(6)59650633 for any request.