Nostalgia: sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past
(The Oxford English Dictionary)


Many people take pictures, few know why.
I do.
I take pictures to create Nostalgia.
Pictures that make your heart ache.

I first took photography as a game, but I quickly realized that photography is the most important thing among the unimportant things.
You can make do without, sure, but life is better with photos.

Pictures are witnesses of something that really happened, pictures secure memories.

In my hard drives I have a folder named “Memories”, where I store all the photos that really matter to me.
They might not be the most beautiful, the most liked on Facebook, the most appreciated by those who see them…
But they’re the only ones that I regularly go back to when I want my heart to ache. They’re also the only ones that I print and hang on my wall.

This is why I work: I want you to create your “Memories” folder, fill it with the pictures I take of you, and feel what I feel.