Penang, Malaysia (my first time to Asia)

May 9, 2018 • Photos

When I think about history (the really old one you study at school), my gut reaction is to hate colonialists. Fuck them.
But there’s nothing easier than being macro-ethical and micro-asshole… and during my first trip to Asia I often felt like a micro-asshole-colonialist.

Last day: the micro-asshole-colonialist after one week of constant eating

Not that I went there to conquer anything, neither I killed or raped anyone: it’s just that I’m not used to afford everything I want wherever I go, and I always had the impression that people were kind to me just because I was a Wealthy European Asshole (wealthy only thanks to the currency of course).
But, this aside, it was a good time.

I went there to shoot the pictures for Hanspeter Amman‘s new project PLENTY.
At least a book and a couple of exhibitions are on the way, for more info you can follow this Facebook page or subscribe to my newsletter.

A picture from PLENTY

It was the first that me and Hans worked together, and it went very well. We shot the whole project with my lovely Fuji X100F in square format.
At the bottom of the post there are more backstage pics, but first I wanna post some shots I took in my free time.

We worked every day and of course I wanted to be sharp for that, so I rested a lot and only walked around when I felt like it.
Coming from a freezing Paris the heat was a shock: that, plus being on the other side of the planet in a completely different place.
I have to thank Hanspeter because he was the perfect host/client/friend.

Everything was new for me, and somehow I think I was so concentrated on the job we had to do that I didn’t managed to take really good pictures for me.

Anyway, here’s a selection.

Light and colors are beautiful

Hygiene is an abstract concept though. A small cyst I had on my back got infected due to humidity, heat, and general dirtiness, and it’s still causing me some problems.

Talking about hygiene, dishes are washed on the street

Extremely pleased to see Valentino Rossi (and Max Biaggi as well) celebrated in a local repair shop

Most houses are open on the street, interiors are crazy


Here are a few portraits I shot of Hanspeter: it was fun going out with him between the shootings.


And finally, some backstage pictures, mostly taken by Hans

My first night in Asia


… and breakfast

My best friend against the heat was sugarcane juice, of which I drank inordinate amounts, at every time of the day. So good

I’ll close with some pictures of me and Hans working with Lee, Raj, Soma, and Odin (it was a pleasure guys!). And Hans, thank you again!

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  1. HP May 10, 2018

    wow ! I really am impressed! such an amazing account!! Full of great pictures and interesting observations! Bravo and thank you for accepting the challenge

    1. matteopezzi May 10, 2018

      Thank you Hans! It was a pleasure, see you soon somewhere 🙂

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