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Revolutionary Road
Richard Yates

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He turned off all the hot water and turned up the ccold, a thing he hadn’t done in years. The shock of it sent him dancing and gasping but he made himself stay under it until he’d counted to thirty, the way he used to do in the army, and he came out feeling like a million dollars.

“We’re just going. That’s all.”

“The logic and the clarity of it. You hit each point in the right place and you drove it home. To it wasn’t like a piece of reading matter at all. It was like a man talking.”
Frank ducked his head. “Well, as a matter of fact, that’s what it was. I just talked it into the Dictaphone, you see.”

“It wasn’t until early sunday afternoon, when he’d gone out in the station car to get the papers and ended up driving for miles, that the words “Forget it” rose to his lips.
It was a beautiful day. He was driving over the sunny crest of a long hill, past a thicket of elms whose leaves were just beginning to turn, when he suddenly began to laugh and to pound the old cracked plastic of the steering wheel with his fist. Forget it! What the hell was the point of thinking about it? The whole episode could now be dismissed as something separate and distinct from the main narrative flow of his life — something brief and minor and essentially comic.

And it was even worse than that: he was boring. He must have spent at least an hour talking about his half-assed job, and God only knew how many other hours on his other favorite subject: “my analyst this”; “my analyst that” — and he had turned into one of those people that want to tell you about their God damned analyst all the time. “And I mean I think we’re really getting down to some basic stuff; things I’ve never really faced before about my relationship with my father…”

Uno dei romanzi migliori che abbia letto negli ultimi mesi. Matthew Weiner, il creatore di Mad Men, ha dichiarato che se avesse letto Revolutionary road prima di scrivere la sceneggiatura di Mad Men, si sarebbe fermato perché è già tutto lì. Da spettatore, ringrazio che non l’abbia fatto.

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End
Atul Gawande


She always ordered a margarita — rocks, no salt — despite its being technically forbidden for a diabetic.
“They live like they would live in their neighborhood”, Carson said of her tenants. “They still get to make poor choices for themselves if they choose.

The best way to convey meaning is to tell people what the information means to you yourself, he said. And he gave me three words to use to do that. “I am worried”

… this is what the closing phase of a modern life often looks like — a mounting series of crises from which medicine can offer only brief and temporary rescue. She was experiencing what I have come to think of as the ODTAA syndrome: the syndrome of One Damn Thing After Another.

Only now did I begin to recognize how understanding the finitude of one’s time could be a gift.

Wow. Being mortal è uno di quei libri che non si possono leggere a cuor leggero: parla di come affrontare gli ultimi giorni, tuoi o dei tuoi cari, senza peli sulla lingua, con esempi concreti (tipo la morte del padre dell’autore, che è un rinomato chirurgo autore di altri best seller tra cui The checklist manifesto).

Tutti dovrebbero leggere questo libro.

Il mondo della fotografia (volume 2)


Dopo aver letto il primo volume a maggio, ho continuato con il secondo di quest’enciclopedia del 1980 recuperata in un mercatino.

Molto interessante, specie la quarantina di pagine riguardo l’uso dei flash ormai 35 anni fa.

La luce e lo scatto. 50 fotografie di moda
Chris Gatcum


Mi sto interessando sempre più all’illuminazione artificiale in fotografia, e questo libro è ottimo.

Ci sono 50 foto scattate sia da fotografi affermati che emergenti, con tutti gli schemi luce e le spiegazioni del caso. Ben fatto e molto chiaro.

Robert McKee


Story è la bibbia. In teoria è il miglior manuale di sempre su come scrivere una sceneggiatura per il cinema, in pratica è un libro da leggere per chiunque per mestiere abbia anche solo vagamente a che fare con qualsiasi tipo di storia, da chi scrive a chi fotografa, da chi fa pubblicità a chi fa video. Imperdibile.

Matteo Pezzi